Why are we cycling?

In late 2010 on the couches of a Goshen College dormitory room, the dream for a pan-American cycling adventure was born.  As roommates and friends we all shared a passion for biking.  Gradually, as we voiced our ideas and hopes, a feasible trip began to form itself in our heads and hearts.  The Anabaptist-Mennonite History course offered by John Roth provided a reason for a one-way trip to Paraguay.  The wealth of Latino culture and Spanish language education in Goshen, IN provided a healthy context for preparation. Our own dreaming provided the raw material for what is looking to become the learning experience of a lifetime.

Though we share common expectations, we each bring different goals “to the saddle.”  Our intentions include:

  • Learning about sustainable farming practices in Ecuador
  • Continuing studies of Anabaptism in Central and South America through interviews
  • Opening ourselves to new perspectives on faith and what it means to be Christian
  • Connecting with people amidst the diversity of cultures across South and North America
  • Practicing and improving our Spanish language skills
  • Challenging ourselves by leaving what we hold as familiar to discover something new
  • Exploring the kingdom of God and worshiping with churches across South and North America

We all cite the need for a flexible balance between planning and improvisation; between volunteering and personal enrichment; between exploration and safety.  Collectively, we represent a variety of disciplines and interests.  Yet this goal remains: A self-supported adventure to experience land and people.


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