Levi Smucker


I grew up riding my bike up and down the hills around the small town of Akron in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Throughout grade school years I learned the ‘cello, improved my German language (*sigh*), and participated in my youth group at East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church of Lancaster.  Since coming to college, I have continued my music studies and have also taken biochemistry-focused courses with the hopes of attending medical school in the fall of 2014.  Because of this planned trip, my language focus has shifted fully to Spanish.

For me, this trip is about the adventures of meeting people and being vulnerable in new places.  As cyclists on the open road, we will be forced to respect the curves of the land.  We will travel slow enough to intersect the lives of others.  We will be thirsty and hungry enough to accept hospitality and with God’s Strength, share of our own hearts.

I have thoroughly enjoyed knowing several Latino families in the Goshen area.  I especially look forward to the full immersion in this beautiful culture.

I’ll miss my supportive family:  Parents Judith and David Rempel Smucker, sister Annali and bro-in-law Zac.  Additionally, my friends, teachers, and mentors have shaped who I am and prepared me for this lifetime.  Share with me and keep in touch!


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