Who are we?

We are four American Goshen College students who love to cycle and travel. Read more about each of us in links to our bios below. We would love to get in contact with you and hear your stories as well.


2 responses to “Who are we?

  1. Hi, Levi, Abe, Matthew and Michael, it really was an enriching experience to have you over even for a short time last night.
    I like the picture on top of your blog. What a prospect!!! It reminds me of the perspective an eagle must have. I hope you’ll keep this perspective in your hearts and minds as you travel through rough places in Latin America, where all kinds of obstructions (you will be able to name them better than anyone of us :-)) will limit your view. And remember, it is only part of GOD’s Perspective of all of our lives. We care a lot about all of you, dear bikers an we’ll be following your adventure very close. The Giesbrechts (your short time neighbours)

    • Thanks again for preparing a meal for us! It was fantastic. We will definitely remain open to the Spirit of God to lead us as we travel. God has been evident in the kindness and hospitality that we have encountered in Paraguay.

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